Tuesday, 18 June 2013

2 More Weeks!

Very much looking forward to going to my new home! I will miss my biological family but I am growing up and it's nearly time to 'fly the nest' so to speak. 

I am yet to see all the awesome toys my new human has got for me but I have heard tails of a cat tree, an outdoor enclosure and that there is a games room with a table tennis table so there must be some ping pong balls I can get my furry paws on!!!

I have heard the new slave is also going to clicker train me to do tricks and agility courses as Bengals have LOTS of energy and are rather intelligent (well, all cats are!). She believes it will be very fun and stimulating for me as I am going to be an indoor only cat, with the exception of going out for walks in a nearby forest on my cat harness and the aforementioned cat enclosure she is building in the garden. 

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  1. Hiya Maximus!!! You know us on Facebook as Babyboy and Ms Kitty! We also have a blog and placed the feature on our blog! http://bboymskitty.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/special-featured-guest-maximus-the-bengal-cat/