Friday, 17 May 2013

I'm on The Map!

Freya and Teego (Chatzi too) are very popular kitty cats, I came across their video's on YouTube where their pet, Chris, posts video's about them and he has a voice which can put you in a trance.
 I was having a wander round their blog and Freya thought of this really cool idea:

Back in 2009, Freya (I suspect Chris helped... just a little) created a map, where everyone can mark where they're from, and we can see all the other cat bloggers who are near to us!
It's not just for special friends or anything, if you have a cat blog, you really should enter your details

I entered mine... P.S I don't live IN the forest, I'm not that wild, lol. I'm Just down the road from it :)

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